Mayuko Banno

A website about the organist Mayuko Banno.


Mayuko Banno

Born in Japan/Aichi.

Studied organ at Ferris University in Yokohama with Nobuko Takahashi, Tomoko Miyamoto, Genzo Takehisa and Hatsumi Miura.

Also studied harpsichord with Genzo Takehisa and Makiko Hayashima.

From 2012 she is studying organ with Erwin Wirsinga and Theo Jellma and harpsichord with Johann Hoffman at Prince Clause Conservatoriun in Groningen.

She took part in the organ masterclasses by Harald Vogel, Edoaldo Bellotti, Umberto Pineschi, Andrea Vannucchi, Wolfgang Zerer and Eric Lebrun.

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